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  •  Crystalline Glazes (second edition) 2005, Bloomsbury Publishing, UK and University of Pennsylvania Press, USA

  • Crystalline glazes have a magical quality that appeals to many ceramists. Unfortunately, producing these glazes can be technically difficult. Diane tackles the problems involved in using this challenging medium . She describes the clays and kilns most suitable, explains how to glaze, provides glaze recipes, and discusses how to fire in both oxidation and reduction conditions .she also briefly sketches the history of crystalline glazes.

  •  A useful guide to this exciting subject, Crystalline glazes is perfect for both the student and the practical potter experimenting with this technique. This second includes a new chapter, profiling the work of fourteen potters from around the globe. These artists discuss their approaches, techniques, and recipes for achieving successful crystalline glazes.  

  • Crystalline Glazes (first edition. No longer in print) 1997 A & C Black, UK and University of Pennsylvania Press, USA









    Crystalline Glazes (First and Second Edition)