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Diane's career as a full-time studio potter was taken up with two facets of pottery. Throughout her career she concentrated on producing high temperature porcelain pottery for it's functional qualities and it's beautiful decorative essence.

In 1975 she discovered a process that was being used by very few potters called crystalline glaze (a process that allows the potter to grow macro crystals in the surface glaze of a pot). In the beginning of her fascination with these glazes there was hardly any information, and so she set out to find everything she could about the process in order to be able to create this form of glazing herself.

The resulting research led to her writing the first definitive book on the glaze form, (Crystalline Glazes) that demystified the method and documented some of the history. This book became the benchmark for potters that were searching for an understanding of this fascinating glaze process.




Diane Creber's Crystalline Porcelain