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2022 –  Don’t Pee under a Tree in Africa; Kingston, Canada: Woodpecker Lane Press.

2019 –  A Long Walk: Walking the Camino de Santiago; Self-published.

2017 –  RR#2: A Humorous Novel; Kingston, Canada: Woodpecker Lane Press.

2005 –  Crystalline Glazes; Revised second edition. London, UK: A & C Black, (Bloomsbury  

            Press); USA: University of Pennsylvania Press; Australia: Craftsman House.

1998 –  Crystalline Glazes; London, UK: A & C Black; USA: University of Pennsylvania Press;  

             Australia: Craftsman House.

             My latest novel, Seeds of Doubt, is presently awaiting publication.

 Publications and Articles:

 2023 -  “The Tossers” (Essay). Won third prize/District Senior Literary Competition

2010 – “The New World of Crystalline Glazes”. (Article/Photos). Ceramic Monthly Magazine. USA. Sept.

   –  “Bill Boyd” (Article/Photos). Ceramic Review. London, England. Nov./Dec.        

         – “Krystallos 2007”, Catalog Introduction. Sept.

         – “Peter Powning” (Articles/Photos) Studio Magazine. USA. Spring/Summer

2006 – “Crystalline Glaze Workshops 2005-2006” (Article/Photos). Clay Times. USA. Nov./Dec.

2004 – “Karen Bach and Tim Isaac” (Article/ Photos). Ceramic Monthly Magazine. Dec.

2004 – “Harlan House” (Article/ Photos). Ceramic Monthly Magazine. Sept.

1996 – “Wilton Pottery” (Article/Photos). Ceramic Monthly Magazine. June/July

1994 – “Crystalline Glazes” (Article/ Photos). Ceramic Monthly Magazine. Nov.

1993 – “Esmaltes Cristalinos Sobre Porcelana” (Article in translation/Photos). Ceramica Madrid, Spain: No.39

1990 – “Crystalline Glazes on Porcelain” (Article/Photos). Canadian Ceramic Quarterly. Vol. 59

 I have written general-interest articles that have been published in various regional publications. I was a regular contributor to the Scoop Newspaper, Tamworth, Ontario.  

 Featured in Publications:

 Robin Hopper. The Ceramic Spectrum, (2nd ed.) Iola, Wi, USA: Kraus Publishers, (Photos)

Richard Zakin. Ceramics-Mastering the Craft, Iola, Wi, USA: Kraus Publishers (Article/ Photos)

Key to Toronto. Front cover photo of work

Peter Lane. Studio Ceramics, London, UK: Collins (Photos)

Diane’s books are currently available at Novel Idea, 156 Princess Street, Kingston, Truesdale’s General Store, Sydenham and Books on Main, Bath. Available at Kingston Frontenac Public Libraries and Lennox and Addington Public Libraries. Also available at Amazon, Kindle or contacting Diane directly.

Books by Diane Creber

Don't Pee Under A Tree In Africa

 The Long Walk


Crystalline Glazes (First and Second Edition)


email: dianecreber7@gmail.com