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Not much has happened in the sleepy hamlet of Haystack in the past hundred years. Then in 1968 the post office closes. The village's name is no longer Haystack - it is now known as RR#2 Yarrow. The church moves to a larger town, and the local schoolhouse closes it's doors and the building is put up for sale.

Into this backwater arrive two young potters straight from the city. Full of big dreams and ambitions. Joe and Cathy buy the schoolhouse for a home and studio. The couple must learn to adjust to village life where everyone knows everyone else and is suspicious of hippie newcomers. Diane's funny, affectionate portrait of a fictional rural Ontario community, in the tradition of other comic chroniclers of the human condition, will have you laughing out loud.



 Published by Woodpecker Press. $22.50




Go to: The Long Walk by Diane Creber

Available at various bookstores in and around Kingston, Ontario including Novel Idea, 156 Princess  Street, Kingston, Truesdale's General Store, Sydenham, Book Store Cafe, Camden East and Amazon and Kindle or email:



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RR#2 by Diane Creber